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Instructions for Reviewers

The Editorial Board determines the criteria based on which reviewers are selected, and compiles a list of reviewers. The list of reviewers contains the names, affiliations and titles of all the reviewers, their reviewing experience, as well as at least two fields in which they wish to review papers. Members of the Editorial Board are responsible for one review, and prominent local and foreign experts who are not members of the Editorial Board are responsible for the second. The list of reviewers is published annually in the Journal.

Every reviewer is electronically sent a certificate of the performed review, which states that reviewing a paper from a non-indexed national journal grants them 2 points according to the Rulebook on detailed conditions for carrying out continuing education for healthcare workers and healthcare associates. Every reviewer receives the Instructions for Reviewers and the Reviewer Form in electronic form, together with the manuscript. The Instructions for Reviewers contain detailed instruction on the method of assessing the quality of the paper that has been submitted for publication in the Journal. Every reviewer fills out the Reviewer Form, following the instructions. The instructions state the duties of the reviewers, with the aim of preventing ethical norms violations. Reviewers are not disclosed the identity of the authors and vice versa.

Reviewers are required to confirm, within three days, the reception of the paper and their agreement to carry out the review within 15 days. The reviewers are accountable to the Editorial Board for the quality of the review and the quality of the paper approved for publication. The quality of the review is assessed by the Editor-in-Chief, who reports to the Editorial Board at the first session following the reception of the review.

Download: Instructions for Reviewer

Download: Reviewer Form

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