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Editorial Policy

This is the journal of the Serbian Medical Chamber (LKS), an open access, dual double-blind peer reviewed publication that comes out four times per year, annually publishing more than 40 papers. The Journal is published both in print and electronically on the web. The papers are published in Serbian or English language, with a brief summary in Serbian and English.

The Journal’s open access provides open, free-of-charge and unlimited access to all papers immediately upon their online publication. Users can download, read, copy and print full papers free of charge, or use them for any other legal purpose, without having to obtain consent from the publisher or authors. There is no fee for submitting papers, their processing or access to published papers.

All submitted manuscripts are assessed by the editor, as well as undergo double-blind peer review. The Editor-in-Chief reserves the discretionary right to assess and not publish received manuscripts, in the event that it is deemed that they do not comply with the stipulated content and formal criteria.

The editor and members of the Editorial Board are required to take all reasonable measures aimed at keeping identity of the reviewers unknown to the authors prior to, during and following the review process, and for the identity of the authors to remain unknown to the reviewers pending the conclusion of the review process.


Every manuscript submitted for publication in the Journal is vetted (using the iThenticate plagiarism checker software). Plagiarism entails the verbatim copying of another person’s words or other forms of creative expression and passing them off as one’s one, which is serious violation of scientific and publishing ethics.

Download: Plagiarism

Download: Resolving Disputes

Every manuscript determined to be a plagiarism will be rejected, and every plagiarized paper that is published in the Journal will be retracted, in line with the Retraction of Published Papers procedure.

Download: Retraction of Published Papers


Every reviewed, finally revised manuscript accepted for publication is first posted on the Online First website. This means that the electronic version of the manuscript, ready for publication in the journal, is posted online immediately upon receiving positive reviews and being accepted for publication, but before the publication of the Journal and assignment of a page number. When the manuscript is published in the Journal, it is removed from the website. After being published online, it is no longer possible to make any modifications. Online First offers authors the possibility of faster access to the manuscript, because it reduced the time from the submission of the manuscript to its publication in the Journal.

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